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You know?
If we all stopped living this lie we call adolescence;
the ‘insecurities’
the ‘disabilities’
the ‘regrets’
the ‘abilities’
we make actually start to live.
Because living a lie is not truly living.
It’s existing.
And Einstien ain’t famous for existing.

I care about you so much. dont ask why. i just do. i think maybe its because you were the first one to make me feel special. now you dont give a shit. now you treat me like i dont exist. but everyday im learning about you, the things no one else sees. the way you harm yourself. body and soul. why would you do that to yourself? you have so much more to offer than that. you have so much potential. just as much as your sister. even if this isnt enough to change your mind about yourself, at least do it for me. because i know you lied when you told me you loved me, but i didnt lie when i said it back.


I hate my dad still, I have no relationship with any of my family, everything I want to do in life I’m terrible at, I’ll never reach my dreams, sometimes I feel like I have no help, I have seasonal depression disorder, I’m attracted to a girl who’ll never like me and I have been for a year, I…

Me at 4am:

We were so


for love

so together




Mom sent me this when I was upset.

I want you to know how loved you are, I know you know this, but like all of us, if we feel a bit down, sometimes we feel like everything is sooooo bad in that moment.  Try on, that these moments don’t last, write that down on a piece of loo paper and flush it down the toilet, just a strategy - as you have to want to let go of whatever is causing you pain, and although it seems hard in that moment, once you do that, it will feel some much better.


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